Charlie Sheen as character Charlie Harper in the TV show"Two and a Half Men" was comfortable and well  suited to these Bowling style shirts, which are basically traditional Bowling Shirts without anything embroidered on the back and are more upmarket, now available in Australia.

The Charlie Harper Collection of Retro patterns and color
combinations with color blocks that incorporate details of the
classic '50s Bowling Shirts style from the USA.

"Every guy should have at least one of these in his wardrobe"
Retro Bowling shirts have remained a favorite in casual Menswear for over 50 years. These Classic Retro and Vintage design shirts are as popular today as they have always been. Gaining a new appeal and new generation of fans from the numerous TV shows that now feature these great styles.

Originally,back in the day,with big and bold embroidery across the back in support of the favorite team, or perhaps your own family team or group of friends.

Company promotions and team events.These relaxed style shirts are timeless, fun and great to wear just about any time.
Open splayed collars, button down front, side vent and square cut.Relaxed & very comfortable casual shirts.
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