My parcel is late, what now ?
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It is very unusual and highly unlikely that a parcel does not get delivered. Of course it can happen, and when it does we are here to help, but we must follow procedures laid down by the Postal services concerned. The tracking system provides  "proof of posting" and a copy of the post office receipt is available on request.

Step 1

Have you waited 28 days from the original dispatch date ? (This is a Postal service regulation)
Have you enquired with friends and neighbours?, maybe they accepted it for you in your absence.
Have you contacted the local Postal service ? Often they don't leave a card telling you they tried to deliver and they may be holding it for you at their office.

Step 2

AFTER 28 days you need to notify us and tell us the order number and full name and address stated for delivery on your order.

Step 3

We will request a "trace" is carried out by the originating Postal service and there will be an additional period of 28 days for enquiries to be completed as it involves more than one country.

Step 4

If the parcel has not been located or delivered within the 28 day "trace" period then a final 28 day period follows and then we can either replace or refund the cost of the item(s). (Postage is not refunded) You will be asked to complete a "declaration" for Insurance purposes and Police report.

Please understand that Postal service or Customs clearance delays or are not our fault and beyond our control, we are in the hands of the respective postal service(s) & authorities concerned.

We understand the disappointment or frustration and concern when your order is late arriving. However,we are here to help you resolve the issue through the procedures laid down and outlined above.

Your parcel is insured and your money is safe, it will just take time to sort it out for you.

Your patience and tolerance is requested whilst the procedures are followed.
The above forms part of our "Terms & Conditions of Sale" to which you agreed by making a purchase from our website.

Thank you
Customer Support