Charlie Harper Shirts has been operating the since 2006

Who are we ?

Charlie Harper Shirts Originally started out in 2006 out of frustration of being unable to find those classic retro design bowling style shirts worn by the character Charlie Harper played by Charlie Sheen in the “Two and a Half Men” TV show.There were some available but they were either expensive high maintenance “Dry Clean Only” fabrics or cheap mass produced imitations made of poor quality fabric.So,we decided in collaboration to make our own, our collection has grown exponentially as has our number of satisfied long-term customers around the world.

We design, manufacture and directly distribute every item in our collection.No store fronts. Just great classic retro style shirts at everyday prices available all around the world via the Internet by mail order.Shirts that you can’t necessarily find everywhere else made of the finest fabric, made by our own Tailor to our specifications and unlike many others available on the Internet our shirts are “machine washable” making them much more practical and certainly more affordable for everyone.

Style, elegance, yet practical and affordable, thats a “Charlie Harper Shirt”

Where are we ?

We are located in S.E. Asia where the shirts are made by our own Tailor and staff in our own premises and shipped to you directly from there.
S.E. Asia is often referred to as”;the hub” of most of the fashion industry today, a great place to source quality fabrics and materials, as this is where the majority are actually produced. Many well known major high street brands and stores have their items produced in Asia, they just dont tell you, but we are transparent in everything we do.



Why no telephone Sales ?

We do not offer a telephone sales service. Basically, electronic retailing is all about empowering customers to serve themselves – in many cases more efficiently and effectively than by traditional means.Following the fine examples set by other leading Internet retailers, we firmly believe we can satisfy the needs of our customers more readily via electronic means, than we’ve historically been able to achieve with a combined telephone and electronic approach.

As an International retailer it also avoids misunderstandings and language issues as everything is kept in writing and we have found this to be the most effective for everyone.Our business is geared towards delivering a great product at an even better price, as efficiently as possible. By investing in technology to streamline our internal procedures we’ve been able to keep our prices low, which, when combined with our ability to process and deliver your individually made orders promptly is the main reason customers choose to shop online with us.


If there is anything that concerns you, please feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.





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