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Custom Made Shirts for Any Occasion

We can make whatever you need, for whatever the occasion. Best men at a Wedding, Match the Brides dress, Special events, Corporate events, Teams, Clubs or Staff uninforms.

Size is no problem, from Infant to Adult, Short, Tall, Big or Small we can make them ALL

Crafting Elegance: The Materials Behind the Magic of Custom Made Shirts

Ever wondered what goes into creating a bowling shirt that looks and feels extraordinary? The secret lies in the choice of materials. These shirts are commonly crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester. Our Premium Polyester lends its luxurious drape and slight sheen, while polyester ensures longevity and a polished appearance. This combination forms the foundation for bowling shirts that not only catch the eye but also provide comfort throughout the day.

In a world where fashion choices are as diverse as the people who make them, the resurgence of bowling shirts reminds us of the power of timeless design. Charlie Harper Shirts, with its dedication to creating fully customizable bowling-style shirts, stands at the forefront of this revival. By combining classic elements with modern customization, they capture the essence of the past while providing a canvas for personal expression. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or aiming for a perfect strike at the bowling alley, these shirts have you covered in style.

So, embrace the revival, unleash your individuality, and experience the magic of bowling shirts – a versatile fashion statement that effortlessly blends the past with the present.

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Special Order

Charlie Harper Shirts is not just a retailer of quality shirts. We actually have our own Tailor and support staff.Because make each and every shirt we offer in our own premises.Unlike many online stores who merely sell stock made by mass production factories ,we actually make and sell our own product, so you could say every shirt is a special order.

This therefore gives us the unique ability to adjust and make whatever you may need. As a result, if you want something larger, smaller, different colors, even different designs. Finally,whatever it is we can work with you to achieve it. Not everyone is able or comfortable buying a shirt “off the rack”, everyone is different and we make that aspect easier.

Want something distinctive, or just a simple adjustment to a standard design, just ask ! 

Custom Made Shirts

If you need a quantity of the same shirt in particular colors for a Family occasion, Team or Club event, Company staff, Hotels, Bars, Resorts, Clubs, Uniforms etc.are no problem. Our Tailor can make them in all the sizes and varieties you need and they’ll all match perfectly!

Maybe you want to have something Special for a Wedding? we’ve done that too. Size is no issue either, we can make from small children right up to the larger guys, anything is possible when you actually custom make the shirts as we do.

Therefore, if you want you shirt an inch shorter than standard, need the shirt 3 inches longer because you are a taller guy,want to change the collar color, prefer to have long sleeves, need a breast pocket or two, its ALL possible, and all you have to do is ASK !

Why do people get custom Bowling shirts?

Well, it’s all about standing out. The cool thing about these bowling shirts is that each one is unique to the person who orders it. So when you rock your custom Bowling shirt, chances are you won’t bump into someone else wearing the exact same design. It’s like having your own style signature! One thing is for sure, they wont be buying it in a store thats for sure.


We offer a range of basic embroidery designs to add to your shirt. We are happy to consider any designs you may have too, just send us an email and an image and we’ll try to help.

We will contrast the thread of the embroidery to match the color of the shirt. There is sometimes a slight variation in color but its minimal and due to the silk thread used.


Whether its initials, company logo, emblem, club badge, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.


Embroidery designs
Embroidery options

Embroidery Options

The above is just a sample of the stock items we carry and that have proved popular over the years. We can add pretty much any design or logo you want provided you can supply us with a good image and it isnt subject to copryright.

Maximum size we make is 5.8 inches so anything you have in mind must be less than that.

Tell us the size, font and color you want and where you want it placed and we’ll do our best to create it for you.


Standard size or

Custom Made to Measure

Customised however

you need it

Wide choice of colors

to mix n match

Choice of Collar styles

for any shirt


Long sleeve detail
Long sleeve vent detail

Long sleeve Cuff and vent detail. We can make this to any size but is shown here in standard form.

Cuff detail

Long sleeve Cuff detail showing typical standard size but this can be adjusted to whatever you may need.

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Customize Your Shirt, Your way !

If you want to adjust your selected shirt from the standard options available we are happy to assist you. Place the order for a standard shirt first, then add  your choices from the list below to customize it YOUR way.

Maybe you need:

A size smaller than is listed
A size bigger than listed, between 54 – 60
A size bigger than listed size 62 or larger

Add Long sleeves
Add a pocket or two

Add an Embroidery design

Change the color scheme using our color chart.

Just use the form and tell us what you need and  we will discuss the details and price with you by email.

**Customised Shirts, Embroidered Shirts are no return, exchange or refund.**

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