Classic Casual – CC14

Charlie Harper Shirts Classic Casual - CC14 <h3>Classic casual look shirt in retro style</h3><p>Plain shirt with contrasting front stripes</p><p>Standard button-up collar</p><p>Short or long sleeve</p><p>Square cut, side vents.</p><p>Practical easy-care machine washable Poly-Cotton.</p><p><strong>Any color combo from our chart</strong></p><p><strong>Any size you need.</strong></p>

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Classic Casual - CC14

Classic Casual - CC14

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Classic Casual - CC14

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Classic casual look shirt in retro style

Plain shirt with contrasting front stripes

Standard button-up collar

Short or long sleeve

Square cut, side vents.

Practical easy-care machine washable Poly-Cotton.

Any color combo from our chart

Any size you need.