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FAQ Bowling shirts

We have prepared a selection of the most FAQ – on Bowling Shirts that our customers have asked us over the years. Everything about our shirts, the style, the materials used and of course how to buy and related shipping information.If there is something you would like to know thats not covered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What are Bowling Shirts ?

Bowling shirts are iconic garments synonymous with the sport’s golden era, featuring a loose fit, short sleeves, and bold, retro designs. Often personalized with a name or team emblem, they embody a blend of comfort and vintage style. How has this classic piece transcended its alley origins to strike a chord in modern fashion? Discover its timeless appeal with us.

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What material are bowling shirts made of?

Bowling shirts are typically made from materials like Polyester, 100% Cotton or a blend of both Poly-Cotton. Premium Polyester gives the shirts a smooth texture and a slight sheen, and polyester also helps maintain durability and wrinkle resistance. Cotton ensures light breathability, Poly-Cotton is stronger and more hard wearing.These materials ensure that the shirts not only look good but also feel comfortable to wear. More on our materials and our color charts 

What other names are used for bowling shirts?

Bowling shirts are known by various names, including “camp shirts,” “retro shirts,” “bowler shirts,” and “guayabera shirts.” These names highlight the shirt’s distinctive style and its associations with leisure activities and vintage fashion.

Why do men and women wear bowling shirts?

Men and women alike wear bowling shirts for their unique blend of style and comfort. These shirts have transcended their bowling alley origins and become a fashion statement. The relaxed fit and attention-catching designs make them popular choices for casual outings, parties, and even as work attire in certain creative industries.

What style is a bowling shirt?

A bowling shirt typically features a boxy and loose-fitting design with a camp collar (also known as a Cuban collar), which has an open, notched neckline. The shirt usually boasts contrasting colors, intricate patterns, and often includes vertical stripes or embroidery designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

What is the best material for a bowling shirt?

The best materials for bowling shirts are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Fabrics like polyester,cotton, or combination of both are commonly used due to their drape, sheen, and ability to hold vibrant prints. These materials ensure that wearers stay cool and stylish, making them perfect for social events and warm weather.

Are bowling shirts still in style?

Absolutely, bowling shirts are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Fashion trends tend to be cyclical, and these shirts have made a strong comeback thanks to their retro appeal and versatility. Many designers are putting their own spin on the classic design, keeping the style fresh and relevant.

What makes a bowling shirt different?

What sets a bowling shirt apart is its combination of features: the camp collar, relaxed fit, and bold patterns or designs. Unlike conventional dress shirts or tees, bowling shirts offer a distinct blend of casual comfort and eye-catching aesthetics, making them stand out in a crowd.

What is the difference between a Bowling shirt and a regular shirt ?

bowling shirt typically differs from a regular shirt in several ways:

  1. Design: Bowling shirts often have distinctive designs, including bold colors, contrasting panels, or vertical stripes. These designs are often associated with retro or vintage styles.

  2. Collar: Bowling shirts usually feature a camp collar (also known as a Cuban collar or bowling collar), which is a flat, notched collar that lies flat against the shirt rather than folding over.

  3. Material: Traditional bowling shirts are often made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends, which allow for ease of movement during bowling.

  4. Embellishments: Bowling shirts may feature embellishments like embroidered logos, patches, or decorative buttons, adding to their unique style.

  5. Purpose: Bowling shirts are designed with the specific activity of bowling in mind, so they prioritize comfort, flexibility, and style suitable for casual recreational bowling.

What is a Cuban Collar ? (Camp Collar)

A Cuban collar, also known as a camp collar or revere collar, is a style of collar commonly found on shirts. It is characterized by its flat, notched design that lies flat against the shirt rather than folding over. The collar typically has a relaxed, open neckline, making it suitable for casual wear. Cuban collar shirts often evoke a retro or vintage aesthetic and are popular for their laid-back, summer vibe.

How do I order a shirt ?

Click on any of the Collections on the homepage. This will take you to the page for that collection of shirts. Browse the images and click on any image for more options and choice for that item. There will also be a drop menue to make selections for size, color etc. When you have completed your slections, click “add to cart”. Complete the checkout process, make payment and your all set. 

Do I need to register for an account ?

No. To make it an easy and a fast as possible to shop with us at Charlie Harper Shirts, you do not need to register you shop as a guest. However if you do register and create an account your details are stored including previous purchases for your next visit. (this does not include financial information)

Are there any benefits to registering ?

If you register your details are held so you wont need to re-enter them when making a purchase (excluding card details). You will also receive exclusive offers and discounts from our monthly newsletters.

How do I get an exhange or refund ?

All the information you need and instructions to follow are laid out for you on the Returns page of the website.

The size I need is not listed ?

No problem, because we make our shirts to order you can have whatever you need made for you. Anything form small children to large guys, big, small large or tall whatever is needed, just email us to discuss your needs and we’ll help you achieve what you need.

More information available on Custom Orders

Do you have a store I can visit ?

No, we are exclusively an online store. However if you need any assistance you can emai us and we’ll answer you prompty. If you havnt received a reply within 12 hrs, please check you spam folder as we will have responded within that time.

I am not sure about my size ?

The most common error people make is confusing actual garment size and a “to fit” size. ALL our sizes on this website are actual garment sizes and you decide what will fit you the way you want it. There is a full explanation and guidance on our Size Help page 

When will I get my order ?

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How do I pay ?

To pay for your order you can use:

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer (UK,Europe,Australia or USA)

Can I pay by instalments ?

Sorry, we do not offer that option.

When is payment taken ?

Payment is taken when you place the order. When you click on Submit Order the payment processor will contact your bank/card issuer for authorisation to take the payment from your account. If the payment is authorised you will then receive a confirmation of order with all your order details. If not received within minutes, please check you spam folder or email us. 

How do I track my order ?

This depends on the chosen delivery method. If sent by Registered Airmail you can use you own Nation Post Office website. If by DHL you can use the DHL website to track your shipment. You will be sent a “dispatch notice” email with the tracking number when the order has shipped.