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Its great news that the Sopranos will return in the prequel currently being filmed

“The Many Saints of Newark”

The Sopranos Shirts Collection

Sopranos Shirts

Tony Soprano was a foreboding figure but was also a stylish one. If anyone is responsible for helping to bring the humble bowling shirt into the mainstream of fashion, it was him. Talking of “Tony Soprano” it is impossible to ignore one of the staples of his wardrobe – bowling shirts.

Any of the bowling style shirts here would have looked great on him.

New Addition to this Collection

Inspired by the 2007 cover of “The New Yorker” featuring Tony Soprano, we bring to you our New Yorker shirt !

Quality Premium fabric, subtle embroidery design and available in ANY size you want.

Tony Soprano Shirt
Tony Soprano



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You can choose ANY of the Soprano shirt Collection in ANY colors available,

in ANY size you need up to size 60.

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