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Custom made shirts

All our shirts are custom made to order, we want to make the right size shirt for you.

Getting it right.

The most common mistake people make with shirt size is the “to fit” size and “actual product size”.

We only use “actual garment size” on this website.

A “to fit” size means it will fit a certain body size and the garment measurement wil actuallyl be bigger.

An “actual garment size” is the measurement of the shirt, NOT the body it will fit. If the body measures 44 you will need a number higher than 44 or the shirt will be skin tight.How much bigger depends on the fit you actually want. You are not stuck with what someone else has decided you need as you are with a “to fit” size.

At Charlie Harper Shirts You can decide what type of fit you want, whether that be close, relaxed or baggy or whatever you want by adding inches to the body measurement to give actual garment size that we use to make your shirt for you.



How to measure for a shirt

We have collected a series of videos to help you get the measurements right for your shirt.

Lets start with the Chest

Remember to x2 the tapee measurement.

It always preferable to take these measurements from a shirt you already own that fits just how you like it.The shirt dshould be of similar design and fabric NOT a T-shirt or any kind of stretch material.


Next we’ll measure the length of the shirt.

Its important to measure down the front,

(especially if you have a larger tstomach.)

Here we’ll look at sleeve measurement for both  Long and Short sleeves

Cuustom made shirt for Larger Men

If you are a bigger guy and have a large mid-section you need to tell us this measurement.

It can be taken off a shirt or measured directly off your body. Measure around the body at Belly Button position.

This is the correct way to measure the shoulder width.

By design, Retro bowling shirts are cut deliberately a little wider than a dress shirt would be, but you decide if this is important to you or you want a specific fit.

We hope the above videos were of help in you getting what you need. If you are still unsure of anything tyhen by all means email us and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


Special Orders, Embroidered shirts, anything you request to be altered cannot be

Returned, Exchanged or Refunded

Grateful thanks to Pickashirt of London for the excellent videos and making them available.